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There's never enough storage in your apartment,
              there's simply not enough space to put everything away...

George Clarke, Architect and TV presenter - "Sto-It is a Brilliant, Brilliant Device"

George Clarke is an architect, writer and lecturer and one of the most successful property
TV presenters on UK television. Click "Video" to see what he thinks of Sto-It

Instant extra space for your apartment

Space is at a premium in most people's homes these days but in apartments, whether new developments or conversions, storage is a particularly thorny issue.

While a developer can fit built-in cupboards and wardrobes - if there's room -

Just where do apartment owners store larger, bulkier items such as bikes, buggies, golf clubs, ski's, sports and other equipment that would usually go into the garden shed or garage should they own a house?

My bike always clutters up the entrance to my apartment itís so frustrating

See how Sto-It can add instant extra space for...