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How To Make Space for Your Expanding Family, Store Your Stuff Safely out of the way…

...and Still Have Instant Access to It, Whenever You Want

Where to put all that stuff?

Convenient Storage for Bikes, Buggies and Toys

Children are great, but they sure do need space to move in safety, play and grow but also for all their stuff... buggies, prams, cots and toys. It’s hard to fit it all in the apartment, something has to go! But where to?

More than ever you need to think about how you use the available space in your apartment. You need your stuff in a convenient location for instant use as and when you need it…but…you simply don't have the room in your apartment to store it.

We want our apartments to not only to look good but to have space and comfort to have a life. We need room for the children to play and we need room to store our stuff so that it is out of harms way. At the end of the day we need to sit relax take a moment for ourselves and not to face into clutter in every corner.

You could store your stuff somewhere else away from where you live…and…the result? You get frustrated at the idea of driving to the offsite self storage unit when you need something, it's just not worth the hassle. Instead of being able to instantly fetch it. And the outcome? In the long run you don't bother with your stuff in the self store unit… but you still have to pay rent to store it and as they say that's dead money.

Sto-It is specifically designed for the storage needs of apartment owners.

Sto-It is specifically designed for the storage needs of apartment owners.

You can securely store any bulky items with your own individual high security, Sto-it. This secure unit is big enough - almost 3 cubic meters - to take all sorts of stuff which would otherwise take up valuable space in your apartment.

And the best bit you have access around the clock. So you can get your stuff as and when you choose.

This easy to access (and very stable) Sto-It is positioned above the bonnet of your car. So you're cleverly able to take advantage of your existing car parking space. Even if you own a 4x4…a sports car…or saloon car.

Express your personal tastes and style with a Sto-It Graphic

graphic Sto-It Graphics are about being able to express your personal tastes and style and stand out in the world. Now you can completely customize your Sto-It. You choose a graphic from our range to reflect your style, who you are and what you like.

OR you can personalize it even further and put any of your own pictures or designs onto your own Sto-It.

It's about YOUR choices…

NO RISK! Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Your 30 Day Trial

Once you've got your own Sto-It put it to use. Start using it to store your own buggies...clothes...record collection...or whatever. Benefit from the ease and convenience of being able to get your gear when you choose because your stuff is on site. Have more room and freedom in your apartment for you and your children.

If you're not delighted with your Sto-It just tell us within the first 30 days we'll give you a full refund of all your money. And remove your Sto-It at our cost. We can't be any fairer than that can we?

A Sto-It Adds Value

A Sto-It Adds Value

If you were to store your gear away from your apartment you'd incur a monthly fee. Then there would be the hassle and time consuming chore of having to drive to pick up your gear every time to wanted to get something. The money you spend on renting the offsite storage is gone and you have nothing to show for it.

With a Sto-It you not only get to store your gear in a secure convenient location you also get a storage unit that has a high resale value. If sometime in the future you decide to sell your apartment and parking space the addition of the Sto-It will have added value to you apartment and also make it more attractive to the buyer.

Indeed you can sell the Sto-It on its own and get a high percentage of your original investment back because the Sto-It holds its value so well. Or if you are moving to a new location with a suitable car parking space, we can arrange to move your Sto-It to your new location for a fee.

De-clutter your apartment and make space for life

It's simple, when your family is expanding you will need more space. Deciding where stuff should go and what you want easy access to and what you don’t need anymore. There never is enough room for everything, even the balcony is full. Now you can make room for your children to play and grow, and know the gear you want at hand is stored away safely. When for an affordable one-off fee you can de-clutter your apartment and have a handy secure Sto-It right by your car.

Don't put up with a cluttered apartment for a single day longer. For Prices and Options click here! or call our customer support team who will be happy to help with any questions you have and assist you with your order.