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sto-it opportunities

Business Opportunities for Sto-It Distributors throughout Europe.

We're looking for business-minded individuals who are keen to succeed and make the most of this exciting business opportunity.

Sto-It Ltd wishes to expand by appointing Distributors and Dealers throughout Europe. If you're looking for a business opportunity which requires a relatively modest cash outlay, just have a look at the potential of a Sto-It dealership in your area.

We'll provide you with a complete start-up package. This will include sufficient stock for your first few installations, a comprehensive kit of tools, on-the-job training, hand-holding throughout the early days and long-term help and advice. You'll also benefit from our website and the marketing strategies we have developed.

A small industrial unit would be ideal for storage, a Volkswagen pick-up truck with lifting equipment fitted will also be necessary.

We know we'll only thrive if you do, so it's important that we make the right choice of partners. Not everyone who applies to become a distributor may have the attributes and inter-personal skills we're looking for. Key qualifiers are:

- A career in a sales or service-orientated environment

- Previous experience of running your own business would be an advantage, though not a pre-requisite. However, an understanding of what makes a successful business tick is essential.

- A focussed and industrious work ethic, with an clear desire to succeed

- A recognition that only the best is good enough.

- A realisation that you'll need to make a cash investment in stock, tools and equipment, advertising and sales and marketing aids in order to get your business up and running.

If this business opportunity is of interest, and you believe you have the qualities we're looking for, please contact Jim Daly telling us about your work/business experience to date.