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Sto-It Rental

Sto-It Rental euro

Not sure whether you want to rent or buy?

Now you can rent a Sto-It unit. Flexible long- and short-term rental periods are available on Sto-It units. And, if you wish you have the option to buy it. Or, you have the flexibility to return your Sto-It unit after a minimum rental period without penalty.

Hire Periods3 Months6 Months12 Months
Sto-It Unit€ 30 per week€ 25 per week€ 20 per week
Sto-It Unit€ 129.90 per month€ 108.25 per month€ 86.60 per month


No additional charge for installation and removal.

All we ask is that you sign the agreement, Direct Debit and pay the first month's rental.

Minimum period of hire is only 3 months.

Refundable deposit of € 250 is required.

Payment is by Direct Debit monthly in advance. Please ask about other payment methods.

We guarantee no price increases during the life of your rental agreement.

There's a seven day money back guarantee if you want to change your mind or you're not happy with anything.

Rental is subject to availability & status to persons over 18.