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Designed to keep your possessions safe and secure

It is important that you know you can trust your Sto-It to keep your possessions safe and secure as possible. You want to know that your stored items are as safe or safer than if they were stored in your car or your apartment.

From the start we designed Sto-It with a high level of security in mind. It would have been a cheaper and lighter option to construct the Sto-It using light sheet tin, but this would have left it vulnerable to easy attack using standard hand tools. So for peace of mind we opted for a robust all steel construction that means it would be very difficult for anyone to gain entry through the unit it self.

Multipoint hook locking system

Multipoint hook locking system

The locking mechanism we chose had to be strong and secure. For this we decided on one of the best multipoint locking mechanisms on the market. The mechanism is manufactured from stainless steel and high quality die-castings. The multipoint system has three counter-opposing hooks and a shootbolt, 25mm hook throw and 20mm shootbolt throw provide enhanced security. It has been independently tested by the British Standards Institute and meets standards set by Secured By Design, a Police-led security initiative.

The door is anchored to the frame with three sets of hinges to provide stability and security on the hinge side.

Mul-T-Lock raises the level of security to new heightsMul-T-Lock raises the level of security to new heights
The lock barrel and key are critical to any locking system, and having gone so far we could not fit a cheap barrel and key or worse a padlock at this stage, so we chose Mul-T-Lock.

The Mul-T-Lock patented Interactive system raises the level of security to new heights. The Interactive system combines the unique telescopic pin tumbler mechanism and special security features with a spring-loaded pin in the cylinder plug to produce a 'virtual combination' only when the key is inserted in the lock. Steel inserts ensure anti-drilling resistance. These features provide an added security dimension and make the Mul-T-Lock cylinder pick-resistant and drill-resistant for high security needs.
Additional keys? No problem but No card No keys!

Additional keys? No problem but No card No keys!

Additional keys can be cut only after presentation of a Mul-T-Lock key card supplied with your Sto-It and verification of customer identity in accordance with Mul-T-Lock key cutting procedures, which may be obtained through professional Mul-T-Lock locksmiths. This means that a copy of your key can not be made without your authorization because you hold the key card and it must be presented to the locksmith to enable additional keys to be supplied.

Mul-T-Lock have a large dealer network thought the UK and Ireland, so if you have any key requirements there is sure to be a Mul-T-Lock locksmith not far from your location.

Secure enough!

The important thing is to feel confident about the level of security your Sto-It will give you. With the measures we have taken to make the Sto-It secure, we hope you feel as confident as we do.

If you feel you require additional security we can add a burglar alarm option and / or a CCTV option. Call FREE 0800 9549 249 for details.