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When compared to the cost of expensive, off site self storage...
Sto-It storage units are a very practical and cost effective acquisition. They will last forever, and according to our analysis will pay for themselves in 12 to 24 months if you are currently paying self storage costs!
Be one of the first 3 people in your building to order a Sto-It and SAVE € 875!

Is a Sto-It Value for Money for You?

Sto-It Value for Money

To answer that you need to know...

What Sto-It is:

What Sto-It is:

A big storage cabinet
Freestanding in the unused space above
the bonnet of your vehicle
Strong all steel construction
High security locking system
Durable powder coat paint finish
Contemporary modern design
Five year warranty
Professionally installed

What Sto-It can do for You:What Sto-It can do for You:
You can safely store all sorts of items: bikes, buggies, sports equipment, golf clubs, DIY / work tools, seasonal decorations, suitcases, books / magazines, your wine collection, etc, etc, etc.

You have access to your stuff when you need it because it is right by your car.
Even if you had more storage space in your apartment, do you need the hassle of carting bikes, golf clubs and buggies etc to and from your apartment when you want to use them?

Ultimately with a Sto-It you can enjoy a clutter free apartment, have friends around or just relax and not have to stare at piles of stuff in every corner. That's what we mean by "Space for Life™ ".

You not only enjoy the benefits of a clutter free apartment straight away, you will have added value to your property. If two identical apartments are for sale in a building... one has a Sto-It and the other does not. Which one is worth more? Which one will sell faster?

What Sto-It costs:

The standard Sto-It unit installed in your parking bay € 2,870

First Mover Offer SAVE € 875 !

Be one of the first 3 people in your building to order a Sto-It and SAVE € 875! It's simple you only pay € 1,995 that's a saving of € 875 on the standard price of € 2,870. But hurry this offer is limited to the first three customers in any apartment building.

Call Now

To arrange a site visit or view a demonstration unit call Jim Daly on 087 22 361 77, free-phone 1800 646526.

Sto-It Value
Obviously, I think Sto-It is worth it but don't take my word for it. Try it out for a month and see what you think. If you are not delighted with it I will remove it and give you a full refund!
Jim Daly MD Sto-It Ltd