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Sto-It First

Be one of the first 3 people in your building to order a Sto-It and SAVE € 875! It's simple you only pay € 1,995 that's a saving of € 875 on the standard price of € 2,870. But hurry this offer is limited to the first three customers in any apartment building.


The Sto-It seeks to solve the storage problems facing apartment owners across the country by utilizing the extra space available in a car parking spot. The simple yet ingenious unit is designed to fit snugly and securely above the bonnet of a car whilst it is parked, providing the owner with a whopping 2.9m3 of extra storage space without impacting in any way on the space available for the vehicle.

Sto-It Deposit

You can pay a Deposit of € 250.00 on your Sto-It now with your credit card. Your order will then be processed. The balance of the payment for the Sto-It must be made by cheque, bank draft or by credit card before the Sto-It is installed.