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Apartments offer a great lifestyle. But they simply never have enough storage.

Apartments offer a great lifestyle. But they simply never have enough storage.

Hi There,

Apartments offer a great lifestyle. But they simply never have enough storage.

Got kids? Then you’re already tripping over prams, buggies, scooters, bikes and helmets. Where to cram bulky sport and leisure kit? Skis and boots, golf bags, rackets, rucksacks…are they in the wardrobe – or shoved under the bed? Then there’s the toolbox, paint, rollers and brushes. Plus books, box files and paperwork, too….

It’s all important. It’s all stuff you need. But it all takes up room. Before you know it, your place looks a tip.

Sto-It changes everything.

Sto-It is stylish, secure parking bay storage: a way to instantly create 3 cubic metres of extra storage within your basement parking bay. You park as normal. But you have a safe place to store lots of personal stuff, too.

So convenient. Beats self-storage.

Why pay to rent a costly self-storage facility across the other side of town? The smallest standard unit is almost certainly too big – which means you’ll pay every week for more volume than you need. Then there’s the inconvenience and travel. But with Sto-It all your possessions are instantly to hand. Just pop downstairs and grab whatever you need.

Space is an investment. Sto-It adds value.

Sto-It adds more space – and creating space is an investment. In today’s property market, prospective purchasers are looking for apartments that offer something more. Sto-It sets your property apart. Live clutter-free today…and, should you ever decide to sell, show off your property clutter-free tomorrow. Want to move and keep your Sto-It? No problem: we can relocate it for you.

My team and I have spent over 2 years developing and testing Sto-It to bring you the best possible product. From the “Secured By Design” locking system, to the 500kg load capacity, to the professional installation and 5 year warranty, we’ve left nothing to chance. We even offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. Go on: banish clutter and reclaim your apartment.


Jim Daly

Managing Director, Sto-It Ltd

Sto-It Parking Bay Storage.

Sto-It Parking Bay Storage.

Be honest: there’s never enough storage in your apartment. There’s simply not enough space to put everything away.

That’s why you need a Sto-It.

Sto-It instantly creates 2990 litres – virtually 3 cubic metres – of additional, highly secure storage using your underground parking bay. Banish apartment clutter instantly.

Just Sto-It away.

Sto-It NOW...

Sto-It NOW...

Kid’s stuff…
Got young children? A new baby on the way? Keep your push chairs, buggies, travel cots, trikes, scooters, old toys and clothes downstairs, out of the way…

Files, boxes & paperwork…
We’ve all got filing and documents we need to store. But why let them take up precious cupboard space indoors….

Tools and DIY gear…
Power tools, stepladders, tool boxes, extension leads, decorating gear, - with Sto-It everything’s together, to hand - and safe…

Bikes, sports and outdoor kit…
Heaving your bikes, golf clubs and sports gear upstairs? Relax. Secure it all in your Sto-It. At 2.4m long, there’s even room for skis…

CDs, DVDs, videos, vinyl…
If you’ve ripped your CD collection, then it’s time to de-clutter. Old DVDs? Treasured vinyl collection? Move everything downstairs and lock it safely away…

Magazines, books, photographs…
You never know when you’ll want those old magazines, books or old family photographs. So keep them safe until you need them – but just out of the way…

Motorcycle gear…
Secure everything right where you need it. Lock away security chains, helmets, gloves, leathers, jackets, wet weather gear, panniers, boots and more…

Personal effects…
Thinking of letting your apartment out for a while? Sto-It means you can remove all your personal effects…and store them safely away, all on-site…

De-clutter with a Sto-It. Transform the way you live.

De-clutter with a Sto-It.
Transform the way you live.

Park as usual.
Sto-It doesn’t affect parking. It sits on legs above the bonnet. It’s height-adjustable for any car. There’s no ceiling suspension or load issues. The legs are securely anchored to the concrete floor during installation.

Cavernous capacity.
Sto-It is BIG: 2.4m long x 1.2m high x 1m deep. It’s big enough for bikes, push chairs, sports gear, golf clubs, skis and more. It’ll swallow up kids’ toys, scooters, clothes, shoes and hobby kit. It’s also tough. It’ll safely support loads of up to 500KG: perfect for heavy box files, books,
tools and equipment.

Robust & secure.
Sto-It’s cantilevered steel door has a multipoint “Secured By Design” approved locking system. All surfaces are treated with a tough, polyester resin powder coating.

No planning permission needed.
You won’t need planning permission to install a Sto-It, but you should inform your Landlord before purchase. There are NO structural or loading issues to installation
- Sto-It is floor-standing. Our installers simply drill six tamper-proof anchor bolts into the concrete parking bay floor.

Need to move your Sto-It? Just give us a call. Our professional installers can re-locate it for you for a nominal charge. We can also plug the anchor holes, returning your parking bay to its original state.

Professionally installed and Guarantied.
Every Sto-It is professionally installed in less than 1 hour, at a convenient time, within 3 weeks of order. The Sto-It is driven into your car park in a specially modified vehicle, and positioned using a custom-lifting device. Our technicians then anchor the unit to the car park floor,
adjust the cabinet height to suit your vehicle’s bonnet and test and check the door locking system. Each Sto-It is provided with 2 unique keys and security card. For maximum security, copies are only available through Mul-T-Lock agents on presentation of the security card.
All units carry a 5 year warranty.

Sto-It: Your quality space

Practical Almost 3 cubic metres – store items up to 2.4m long and 1.2m high.

Accessible Cabinet is installed at lowest mounting position for your vehicle

Adjustable Height adjustable should you ever change your car

Secure Patented ‘Sold Secure’ high security multipoint point locking system hardware by Mul-TLock. Tamper-proof floor anchors.

Robust 1.5mm – 3mm sheet steel cabinet, 6mm tubular steel cradle and legs, 6 x 10mm steel drilled floor anchors

Strong Safely supports loads up to 500KG

Safe Fully *floor* supported - no ceiling/wall suspension, no structural risks

Corrosion pre-treatment ensures excellent corrosion resistance

Quality powder coating Eco friendly polyester resin free from heavy metals, chromate or silicone

Stylish Contemporary aesthetics, range of graphics for customization and branding options too

Convenient The best bit it sits right by your car and you have access around the clock

Add Value With a Sto-It you not only get to store your gear in a secure convenient location you also get a storage unit that has a high resale value

Add storage. Add ‘wow’.
Add sales appeal.

In any apartment, space equals value. It sets properties apart. Sto-It instantly gives you almost 3 cubic metres more.

Sto-It is much more than a lifestyle solution. It’s also a fantastic way to add wow factor and value to property.

In today’s tough market, a Sto-It will give you the edge with buyers if you ever want to sell.

For work or for leisure…….Sto-It lets you store all
the essential equipment you need.

Get yourself more space today.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not delighted with your
Sto-It just tell us within the first
30 days we'll give you a full,
complete refund.

About Sto-It Ltd

Sto-It designs, manufactures and markets high quality, highly innovative lifestyle storage solutions for both residential and commercial premises. 2 years in research and prototyping, the launch of the patent-pending Sto-It Original heralds Space for Life for apartment dwellers. With offices in Warrington, Cheshire UK and Clara. Co. Offaly, Ireland. Sto-It operates its own network of professional installation technicians. Our specially modified vehicles ensure installation is swift and fuss free, whilst a 5 year warranty provides total peace of mind.