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Developing or Selling Apartments?

Developing or Selling Apartments?

Create instant, extra space- affordably. Generate extra revenue. Help unsold properties sell.

Providing adequate storage in apartment developments is a thorny problem.

New planning guidelines are recommending minimum provisions - but on-plan it's costly. Increasing storage means finding more dwelling space. Conforming may compromise the ability to make a viable return.

Sto-It has the answer. One that meets planning guidelines, boosts marketability and can even earn you (or a management company) revenue from residents.

Sto-It secure parking bay storage.

Parking bay storage?
That's right. Sto-It is a stylish, secure steel cabinet that instantly creates almost 3 cubic metres of storage from any underground parking bay. 2.4m long x 1.2 m high x 1m deep, Sto-It accommodates buggies, bikes, personal effects, sports gear, files, tools and more. It'll safely support loads of up to 500KG.

Park as usual.
Sto-It doesn't affect parking. It sits on legs above the bonnet. There's no ceiling suspension or load issues. The legs are securely anchored to the concrete floor during installation.

Secure. Professionally installed. Fully guaranteed.
Sto-It's cantilevered steel door has a multipoint "Secured By Design" approved locking system. Each unit is professionally installed in less than 1 hour, at a convenient time, within 3 weeks of order. All units carry a full 5 year warranty.

3 cubic metres of instant lifestyle storage - storage today's planners and purchasers now expect. To see how Sto-It might help you differentiate apartments and sell them faster, contact me, Jim Daly, today on freephone 0800 9549 249, or email me using the form on the right of this page.

Thinking Outside The Box

Thinking Outside The Box

Space is at a premium in most people's homes these days but in apartments, whether new developments or conversions, storage is a particularly thorny issue. And while a developer can fit built-in cupboards and wardrobes - if there's room - just where do apartment owners store larger, bulkier items such as bikes, furniture, sports and other equipment that would usually go into the loft should they own a house.

Renting an external storage unit is one increasingly common solution but it's not ideal if you need to get hold of something quickly. A cheaper, more convenient answer to the problem is a "Sto-It" secure storage cabinet located in a building's multi-storey or underground parking area.

This type of secure, on-site storage unit is becoming increasingly popular, both for property developers marketing new apartments and also for Housing Associations, keen to meet the needs of their tenants with affordable and convenient storage. And as apartment living continues to increase in popularity across the housing spectrum, the demand for convenient, affordable storage looks set to continue apace too.

The concept is remarkably simple - By using the space that sits over your car bonnet, whether in an apartment car space or the home garage, you can create up to 3 cubic meters of valuable storage space, without impacting on the space required to park the car. Sto-It storage cabinet measures 2.4 x 1.2 x 1m and is secured using multipoint locking system.

With apartment living becoming more popular, the need to provide adequate storage has become more of an issue for both developers and landlords and this type of versatile cabinet meets the growing demand for security and accessibility. It also creates an important selling point, offering buyers value for money in the more competitive new homes market.

Increase the market appeal of your apartmentsIncrease the market appeal of your apartments
Sto-It is the perfect storage solution for new and existing multi dwelling residences. It will increase the market appeal of your apartments by providing supplementary storage in the underground or multi- storey parking area.

Sto-It has the expertise and manufacturing capability necessary to supply major residential apartment projects. We work with property developers, architects and builders to ensure thet your development will provide the storage demanded by residents and increasingly required by council planning departments in a cost effective manner.